Financial Planning


Charting Your Course

How do you manage all the facets of your financial life? 

Wages, savings, retirement funds, life insurance, social security are just several components of your financial picture. Our goal is to bring all these parts together in an easy to understand format that works for you.  In order to determine your plan for the future, you have to accurately understand your current financial situation.  That’s our starting point.  From there we map out all aspects of your financial life to assure your goals are met.

How to Get Started


Step 1: Meet Your Advisor 

You’ll talk and we’ll listen. Tell us your expectations, financial goals, and the current landscape of your life. This conversation allows us both to decide if we’re a good fit and ready to pursue a long-term partnership.

Step 2: Create Your Financial Plan

Next we determine the depth of financial planning or investment strategies needed for your specific situation. Our analytical and data-driven approach allows us to create several potential paths towards meeting your objectives.

 Step 3: Navigate Your Path to Prosperity

 No journey worth taking ends after a few steps. As economic conditions and life circumstances change, we continue walking with you to secure a more prosperous future.


When you walk out of our office,
you’ll have a solid plan in place.

Since we don’t accept commissions, you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing your financial well-being is in the capable hands of advisors with your best interest at heart.


Our areas of expertise include:


Lifestyle Goals

You’ve been waiting for this season of life and you intend to use it well. We’ll listen to your goals and income needs so we can partner together in making your dreams a reality.


Retirement Planning

Your retirement should be filled with joy and adventure, not angst and worry.  We will partner with you and guide you through the planning and distribution of your assets in a way that is easy to understand and will give you comfort knowing the planning has been done and the execution is without concern.


Social Security & Medicare

Evaluating how social security factors into your retirement strategy is an essential part of the planning process. Navigating the maze that is Medicare adds another level of complexity. Our goal is to educate you in your options so you feel confident about your choice.


Cash Flow & Distribution

Cash flow and distribution planning doesn’t have to be emotionally draining. Whether we’re discussing debt management, budgeting, estate planning, or tax planning, our team will provide you with clarity and sound advice.


Long-Term Health Care

It isn’t anyone’s favorite topic, but we talk about it because it’s in your best interest. With long-term health care costs skyrocketing, it’s critical we consider this factor as we plan for your sustainable future.


Succession Plan

Intentional strategy is a crucial part of leaving a legacy. While crafting a robust succession plan for your business or family is paramount, revisiting this document as life circumstances change is also a priority.


“What If?” Scenarios

Not everything in life can be controlled- but much can be planned for. We will help you plan for the unexpected so you can secure your family’s well-being far into the future.


Insurance Consultation

CORE is a fee-only advisor. We are not product-based and do not accept commissions. This benefits our clients because it allows us to calculate the type and amount of insurance to fit your requirements without a conflict of interest in selling you insurance products. We will collaborate with an insurance professional to ensure you are purchasing the appropriate amount of insurance. Think of it as having the ability to make decisions without the concern for earning commissions.


Listening is a lost art.

Our entire process is centered on helping you develop and implement the right strategy to reach your goals. We're focused on long-term relationships, not short term revenues- with your financial well-being at the core.


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