We’ve advised over 75 professional baseball players comprising of 21 first-round draft picks, 34 with major league experience, 7 All Star Players with 22 total All Star appearances, one Cy Young Award Winner, and one Hall of Fame Inductee.

The financial management of the professional athlete involves many unique and complex issues including, but not limited to, multi-jurisdictional tax compliance and planning issues such as asset protection, wealth management and estate planning. CORE has the experience professional athletes need to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.


Wealth Management

  • Asset Allocation

  • Investment Management

  • Risk Management

A player’s signing bonus has the potential to positively alter the future of an athlete- if handled correctly. For most players it is the first time dealing with an unprecedented infusion of wealth. Proper management of this asset is crucial to future success. Our philosophy at CORE is clear. Your signing bonus is “life-changing money” that should be protected from unnecessary risk until your baseball career takes a clear path. If you have a 10 year MLB career, your initial signing bonus is not as consequential to your overall financial picture. However- if your career is short-lived-it will mean everything.


Financial Planning

  • Life Decisions

  • Financial Anaylsis

  • Budgeting & Cash Flow

  • Asset Protection

  • Charitable Giving

  • Retirement & Post Career

  • Estate Planning

 As a player’s career develops and certain risks are removed, the focus shifts to earnings and growth. During your prime earning years, we focus on accumulation of assets to meet the needs of a lifetime or to provide a significant supplement to your future lifestyle. Upon completion of your playing days, the focus shifts back to capital preservation to protect the assets you have created.

Tax Planning & Compliance

  • Signing Bonus

  • Residency Issues

  • Short & Long-Term Planning

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Preparation

  • Audit Representation

  • Monitor Team Pay Allocation

One thing every professional baseball player can count on is change. The financial lifecycle of a professional baseball player is unique and requires a plan that is solid yet flexible enough to respond at a moment’s notice. 

CORE’s financial planning and wealth management models are based on the real experiences of professional athletes. Our financial planning services include tax planning/compliance, asset protection, wealth management and other issues considered on an individual basis.