The Lakeland Symphony Orchestra aims to educate, entertain and inspire listeners through live symphonic music.

Music connects communities in a way that nothing else can.

In 1966, a handful of local leaders and musicians incorporated the Lakeland Symphony Orchestra. They shared a vision to “cultivate a love of the musical arts.”

Soon after, this organization became known as the Imperial Symphony Orchestra. For the following 55 years, through trials and triumphs, the original shared vision informed every program, concert and production.

In 2021, symphony supporters reimagined the brand to reflect the orchestra’s values and impact. As a result, the organization became known once again as the Lakeland Symphony Orchestra. During the 2021-2022 season, patrons have more than a dozen opportunities to reconnect to the music and one another through symphonic and ensemble performances, as well as an opera featuring Renée Fleming.


UPCOMING ENRICHMENTS at the Lakeland Symphony Orchestra

Jan of 2022

Renée Fleming with the Lakeland Symphony Orchestra

Mandolin Concertos

Feb of 2022

Baroque Strings in the Gallery

March of 2022

Symphony No. 5

Apr of 2022

Opera in Concert in the Gallery