Paul Weaver


Director of Investments

Years at Core

Since 2015

“Every morning is a new surprise... a new mountain to conquer.”

Paul joined CORE Wealth Advisors, Inc. in 2015 and has been in the wealth management business since 2008. He currently serves as the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Investments serving as the lead contributing member of the firm’s Investment Committee.

Paul guides the firm’s portfolio research and analytic efforts. He performs qualitative and quantitative research on relevant markets and develops comprehensive portfolio strategies. His analytical research team leads the firm’s asset allocation modeling and portfolio management capabilities.

Conjointly, in his role as Chief Compliance Officer, Paul’s responsibilities include developing, implementing, disseminating, and analyzing established policies and procedures designed to enable CORE to effectively manage risk and remain in compliance with the various regulatory authorities.

Prior to joining CORE, Paul worked for one of Florida’s oldest investment brokerage firms, serving in a support role until eventually rising to the position of Director of Technology.

Paul holds a degree from Florida Southern College, where he majored in Marketing Management and Financial Management with a minor in Economics.

While attending Florida Southern College, Paul began his support of junior golf throughout the Lakeland area. In 2007, Paul was hired as the Head Coach of the George Jenkins High School Men’s Golf Team – a position he continues to serve today.

Paul and his wife Lauren are life-long residents of Lakeland with roots dating back several generations.


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